Welcome to eTender

eTender makes procurement process completely online. The implementation of eTender is to encourage many suppliers to participate in tender process. Suppliers will fill forms related to tender through this website. It will help in supplier selection as the process from tender notice publication to tender opening is completely electronic. The primary objective of this application is to promote online procurement.

Why eTender?

  • Suppliers can save their time; no need to come to us to collect tender form. They can simply go to bank and deposit amount related to form purchase and scan/submit it electronically at the time of supplier registration.
  • As the system is online, we hope there will be more supplier participation.
  • More participation of the suppliers will provide more option to choose best suppliers.

Steps in eTender:

  • Check the tender notice in the website.
  • Go to the bank and make necessary deposit as the purchase of tender form.
  • Register your information and wait till your supplier account is activated.
  • Once your account is activated make Bank Guarantee or deposit guarantee money in the bank.
  • Fill the Quotation.
  • Once the quotation is filled, you will be asked for your password on the tender opening date.
  • If you are the winner of the tender, you will get information.

We believe suppliers will be benefitted because they can save their time and cost in the tender application process.